Interactive STEAM Workshops

Exciting range of STEAM Workshops that combine elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths that inspire creative thinking and develop problem solving skills.

FUNdamental Science

The most popular of our steam workshops is exactly that… a lot of FUN!
Explore matter and materials by combining a range of components.
Make and take home your own experiments.
See colour explosions and pop rockets fly.
Optional Liquid Nitrogen demonstration.
Optional elephants toothpaste

E-Waste Disassembly

What is inside the box? We will tool you up to open it up!
Learn about design, recycling and electronics.
Carefully take apart suitable E-waste.
Salvage and wire up components to discover basic electronics.
Get creative with a glue gun and let your imagination take over.
Sort materials into recyclable groups.

Engineering Challenge

If you want to go higher, further or stronger then take up our challenge!
Use our kits to design and build structures to investigate stress, strain, load and force. Design, build and take home your own creation. Whether you build and test the strength of a bridge or see how high a tower can reach, the floor is yours.

Art of Science

Discover the magic created by the forces of nature.
Create an artwork of coloured sand by combining pendulum action and gravity. Create an erupting watercolour artwork. Let centrifugal force surprise you with your talent. Set off an explosion of colour in a bowl as particles compete for dominance. Watch capillary action defy gravity and create amazing new colour combinations.

STEAM robot

No hidden costs

  • Appropriate for ages 5 to 95
  • STEAM Workshops and Holiday Activities
  • Homeschool Science and Technology Workshops
  • Make it and take it home
  • All materials and tools supplied
  • No prior skills required
  • Duration 2 hours
  • R200 per person
  • Limited attendance and booking essential

Have a STEAM workshop in mind? Let’s get to work.