STEAM Holiday Workshops at Maker School


Welcome to Maker School, where we make science and technology interactive, educational and most of all FUN!

Explore our exciting range of STEAM Workshops where we combine elements of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths to engage and stimulate young minds. With access to a vast network of expertise and an extensive range of tools, we combine old skool play with cutting edge technology.

Hosted at Maker Station it is fitting to focus on making, or in some cases, deconstructing stuff! All materials and tools are supplied and with expertise on hand, no prior skills are required. Some workshops require adult supervision, but most accept children from age 9 on their own. Adult classes are also in the pipeline and we can design a workshop around your specific needs.

We work with a variety of materials and combine all the STEAM subjects to inspire creative thinking. Design, create and decorate your very own project. Learn the correct use of a range of hand and power tools and graduate to laser cutters and 3D printers.

Acquire making skills... and have loads of FUN in the process!

STEAM Workshops

Maker School
FUNdamental Science

Our most popular workshop is exactly that… a lot of FUN!

We explore matter and materials by combining a range of components with amazing results.

  • Make and take home a tub of instant snow
  • Make your own monster or fairy slime
  • Make your own multi coloured bouncy ball
  • Set off an explosion of colour in a bowl
  • See our pop rockets soar 2 storeys high
  • Liquid Nitrogen demonstration

STEAM Holiday Workshops

Maker School
Slime Workshop

Need I say more…? It’s Slime Time!

Learn how to Cross link polymer chains in PVA and then it’s up to you.

  • Stretchy or flubbery
  • Add some colour
  • Make it sparkle with glitter
  • Fluff it up
  • Freeze it with Liquid Nitrogen

STEAM Holiday Workshops

Maker School
Forces BIG and small

This one is for the more adventurous and involve some explosive stuff!

Ranging from magnetism and gravity to pressure… we create some movement.

  • Make your own magnet set to take home
  • Configure our marble run for speed or stunts
  • Erupting volcanos and foam fountains
  • Liquid Nitrogen demonstrations and explosion
  • See our pop rockets soar 2 storeys high

STEAM Holiday Workshops

Maker School
Edible Science

We usually discourage you to eat our experiments, but not this time!

We want to tingle your taste buds from sweet to sour, from hot to cold..

  • Experience a chemical reaction in your mouth with our home made sherbet
  • Make instant ice cream or frozen yoghurt with liquid nitrogen
  • Liquid nitrogen demonstrations

STEAM Holiday Workshops

Maker School
Engineering challenge

If you want to go higher, further or stronger then take up our challenge!

Use our Stick Kit to design and build structures to investigate stress, strain, load and force. .

  • Design, build and take home your own tower
  • Build and test a bridge
  • See how high a tower can reach

STEAM Holiday Workshops

Maker School
Technology Innovation

Fascinated by gears, pulleys and levers…? Let’s put them in action!

Use our Stick Kit to investigate how we can multiply force through technology.

  • Design, build and take home your own catapult
  • See gears in motion to speed up or slow down rotation
  • Use levers and pulleys to test the weight you can lift or move

STEAM Holiday Workshops

Maker School
E-Waste Disassembly

What is inside the box? We will tool you up to open it up!

Learn about design, recycling and basic electronics.

  • Carefully take apart suitable E-waste
  • Salvage and wire up components to discover basic electronic hacking
  • Get creative with a glue gun and make a robot
  • Sort materials into recyclable groups

STEAM Holiday Workshops

Maker School
Art of Science

Discover the magic created by the forces of nature

  • Create an artwork of coloured sand by combining pendulum action and gravity
  • Create an erupting watercolour artwork
  • Let centrifugal force surprise you with your talent
  • Set off an explosion of colour in a bowl as particles compete for dominance
  • Watch capillary action defy gravity and create amazing new colour combinations

Maker School Party Venue

Maker School
  • Maker School at Maker Station HQ
  • 9 Plein Street, Woodstock
  • Seating for 30 participants
  • Audio and Visual Equipment
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Laser Cutter and 3D Printers